Work Experience


June 2017                       Assistant Professor

Department of Mass Communication, Kuwait University

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Mass Communication

Public Relations

Media & Society (Intersectionality and Hegemony)

Global Communication (Political Economy, Culture and Global Media)

Research Methods

Spring 2015

Communication Instructor, University of Denver-Reiman School of Finance

Course: Writing and Organizational Communication (for first year MA students)

Fall 2015

Communication Instructor, University of Denver-Reiman School of Finance

Course: Business and Professional Communication (for first year MA students)

Fall 2015

Teacher Assistant, University of Denver- Communication Studies

Course: Monsters in Popular Culture

Spring 2015

Teacher Assistant, University of Denver- Communication Studies

Course: Intersectional Feminism


February 2012-September 2012

His Highness the Amir’s Office – National Youth Project (Media Committee):

  • Established and built the brand of the National Youth Project from all aspects including: creating the logo, internal and external branding documents, strategic messaging and building the identity as a whole
  • Managed and built the National Youth Project’s website
  • Directed and managed the social media company in connecting through youth through social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter and instagram

June 2010-February2012

Prime Minister’s Office, Kuwait – Office of Tony Blair – Communications Unit: Strategic & Operations Manager

  • Served as primary contact for any Prime Minister Office or Government of Kuwait requests involving major announcements or public events to ensure all PM and GoK messages and events are coordinated and strategically timed for optimal media coverage using calendar-based tool (“media grid”)
  • Draft related background material to inform PM briefing needs and media relations colleagues.
  • Distribute regularly updated media grid and associated background material to the Prime Minister’s Office and appropriate Senior Government officials.
  • Liaise with the Council of Ministers and senior bureaucracy to ensure message alignment and coordination.
  • Create and continuously provide a three month ahead strategic communications plan identifying key themes and messages to focus on
  • Engage external experts to brand and market PM/GoK vision and major policy initiatives.
  • Draft speeches and speech notes for the PM as deemed necessary
  • Created a digital communication plan for the Prime Minister
  • Developed the corporate branding for the new Prime Minister’s Office

March 2009-June2010

Gulf Bank, Kuwait – Marketing Department (Public Relations): Manager External Communications  

  • Developed and acquired a Financial soccer game as part of the banks CSR strategy to educate children
  • Responsible for managing the administration part of the Rewards Program (The Bank’s merchant discounts program)
  • Created a series of children coloring events at the top low performing branches
  • Responsible for focusing on all public relations that involve promoting Al-Danah account in order to assist Al-Danah management in achieving its target
  • Assisted on creating tailored public relation strategies towards the different segment groups


August 2009-March 2009

Gulf Bank, Kuwait – Marketing Department (Public Relations): Associate Manager External Communications

  • In charge of managing University relations and Public Relation and Corporate Responsibility sponsorships
  • Responsible for managing and editing press releases and press coverage
  • Increased Press Coverage by 20-25% by the end of the first month of employment
  • Coordinated implementation of sponsored events through the rest of the marketing department
  • Handled all cycle plans for new and upcoming events
  • Developed and implemented pr plans for specific bank products/accounts
  • Was part of a carefully chosen special task force team dedicated to increasing profitability in the top 14 lowest performing branches
  • Managed Al-Danah Draw related events, this includes instating a weekly photo release with the Al-Danah winners
  • Created and wrote a children’s savings book as part as the Corporate Social Responsibility program

2006- 2009

Jusoor Arabiya Leadership and Consultancy, Kuwait: Communications and Business Development Director  

  • Responsible for setting up and implementing the establishment of Jusoor Arabiya
    • Office Location
    • Interior Decorating
    • Office Equipment
    • Establishing Departments/divisions
      • HR
      • Communication
    • Established the Consultancy Branding Center, a center for corporate branding
    • In charge of Business Development, Communications and Human Resources
    • Was involved in recruiting new employees, and trainers (training managers).
    • Responsible for handling and Translating all English Media for the “Diwaniya” Talk Show on Kuwait TV
    • Assisting the Corporate Social Responsibility Director establish the CSR center
    • Handled and Coordinated all events at Jusoor
    • Controlled all public relations, image communication and media coverage for the President of Jusoor
    • Coordinated and ran all logistics and contents for the Global Strategy Group Middle East Conference, a yearly conference held in Kuwait six times with high caliber delegates from all around the world and hosted by Jusoor Arabiya
    • Worked on a political campaign during the May 2008 parliamentary elections as a communication consultant


Global Investment House, Kuwait-Marketing Department: Senior Marketing Executive   

  • Responsible for training new employees in order to handle the university, hotel and conferences division
  • Created strategies in order to promote the corporate finance products
  • Developed strategic analysis of marketing the company at a corporate level
  • Developed Global 101 and implemented it as part of a new employee tutorial system. (HR related)
  • Branding and Communications Consultant for National International Holding Company (Sister Company)
  • Branding and Communications Consultant for Gulf Takaful Company (Sister Company) 2004-2005

Global Investment House, Kuwait-Marketing Department: Marketing Analyst                             

  • Responsible for all marketing related material under the Corporate Finance department.
  • Assisted new daughter companies with agency briefings and with the agency pitch/review
    • Includes developing the logo, corporate branding and media exposure
  • Coordinated all seminars/events for all companies that Global listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange
  • Developed a university relations division to coordinate economic seminars geared at university students
  • Established a hotel relations division in order to display Global research in hotel rooms around the GCC
  • Assisted in developing an investor relations database that involved a direct mailing campaign
  • Coordinated all conferences for Global on a regional basis
  • Established a Children’s relations division and wrote 5 books/1series for children explaining finance
  • Assisted in updating and putting together the funds booklet on a monthly basis for Global clients
  • Assisted in publishing and editing Global’s newsletter on a quarterly basis
  • Edited all English articles being printed in all publication
  • Created a major staff event for all employees, including a thematic dinner and a specialized commercial from the CEO thanking staff
  • Assisted new daughter companies with agency briefings and with the agency pitch/review
  • Assisted in creating the agency brief and in choosing a new ad agency for Global
  • Created in-house surveys in order to test the front line service of Global
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