Welcome to my site

 I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mass Communications at Kuwait University. I have a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Denver specializing in Rhetoric (Ethics) and Cultural Studies. My area of focus includes exploring hegemonic narratives via text, images and bodies and how they marginalize groups such as Women of Color and Third World Women. Through Intersectionality and an Intersectional Feminist Ethic I focus on systemic privilege such as class, gender, race sexuality and so forth. Most of my methodological research is conducted through rhetorical criticism and personal narrative. I am also very much invested in postcolonial theory and in methods of disrupting systems of white ideologies. Overall, my specific area of research is in analyzing western discourses, specifically the white savior complex and their negation of muslim women but also how muslim femininities reenact and perform white femininities in the media.

I also have eight years of work experience both in the government and private sector in Kuwait in Public relations and campaign planning.

I also enjoy drawing and singing.

You can learn more about me and my work by exploring the navigation bars above. 


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